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WCERE Conference Gothenburg

The 6th World Congress takes place this year in June in Gothenburg, Sweden.

CSERGE will be presenting several papers at the event and Silvia Ferrini is chairing two sessions (Natural Capital and green national accounting and water valuation).

The papers being presented are:

National trends and regional differences in an enhanced Genuine Savings indicator for Italy
Paola Biasi, Silvia Ferrini, Simone Borghesi, Massimo Di Matteo, Benedetto Rocchi

Discussant: Alessandra La Notte


The role of economic valuation in ecosystem services accounting. The case of outdoor recreation and water purification in Europe
Alessandra La Notte, Silvia Ferrini

Discussant: Katrina Davis


Poster session

  1. Investigating the preferences of remote beneficiaries for sustainable tourism development: the case of Fiji
    Gaetano Grilli, . Tyllianakis, T. Luisetti, S. Ferrini, K. Turner



  1. The Influence of Weather on Outdoor Recreation: Forecasting the Implications of Climate Change
    Carlo Fezzi, Silvia Ferrini, Richard Carson, Amii Harwood