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About the project

The ARCH (Architecture and roadmap to manage multiple pressures on lagoons) project is working with policymakers, local authorities and researchers to manage the challenges facing lagoons and estuarine coastal areas.

The consortium selected 10 lagoons and estuaries distributed across Europe as subjects for case study analysis.

Located between land and sea, lagoons and estuaries mark the transition from freshwater to seawater. These dynamic and productive environments are increasingly under threat from urbanisation, industry, agriculture and recreational use. They also face the growing impacts of climate change.



Project partners used workshops for each lagoon site to develop a decision-making framework for managing current and future challenges. This was achieved by examining the social, economic and ecological states of the lagoon and linking them to a spatial planning methodology.

The framework was used to draw up a state-of-the-lagoon report for each of the 10 case study sites, taking a step towards individual management plans by identifying multiple and combined problems. During the process, policymakers, scientists and managers were involved and invited to select the relevant solutions.

Other outcomes for the ARCH initiative include roadmaps for implementing solutions, which will involve all the local actors. In addition, a management guide for coastal managers and policymakers as well as a European lagoon management handbook will be produced.

Ultimately, the project's findings will be used to create applicable solutions to protect lagoon ecosystems and preserve Europe's natural heritage.

Download the project reports from the ARCH website.


Contact: Kerry Turner



ARCH was funded under EU framework 7 Project reference: 282748