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Blue Carbon

About the project

The marine environment currently is able to take up around half of all the carbon dioxide emitted by human activity from the atmosphere.

The concept of Blue Carbon - carbon storage in marine habitats - has previously been associated with with coastal ecosystems such as salt marsh and sea grass.

This project investigates Blue carbon across the North West European shelf ecosystems, from storage in marine sediments to export to the deep ocean.

The project connects biogeochemists with environmental economists to redefine blue carbon ecosystem services and conduct a valuation and accounting of the UK's Blue Carbon sink.

The possibility of applying carbon trading principles to these services are also being investigated.

In the first phase of the work, a conceptual framework for valuing whole-shelf blue carbon storage has been developed, together with an initial estimate of the key stores of carbon in the system.


Contact: Kerry Turner

Timescale: 2014-2018



UEA, Cefas, Carbon Trust, National Oceanography Centre, University of Essex, Met Office.


NERC and Defra as part of the Shelf Sea Biogeochemistry programme