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Natural Capital Assessment East Anglia - Report

The Scope of this Report

This report summarises research undertaken for Anglian Water Services Ltd. It focuses on the Anglian Water combined water and used water services area and for this geographical region characterises the natural capital assets and then compiles a risk register for them. Spatial data on pressures and assets are then used to classify local authorities in the region and highlight those locations where there is likely to be a need for particularly careful spatial and resource planning in the future.

Two features of the research are distinctive. One is the compilation of a natural capital risk register at a regional rather than national scale and the second is the spatial analysis of pressures and assets to determine where different combinations of conditions exist. To the best of our knowledge, neither of these have been previously attempted in a UK context, but they potentially have wide applicability.

The report is in four main sections. The first presents a characterisation of the Anglian Water combined services area in terms of population, economic activities and natural assets. This is followed by presentation of a regional risk register, with a particular emphasis on highlighting differences to the national assessment conducted by Mace et al. (2015). Insights from the risk register then inform an analysis of geographical variations in pressures and assets within the combined servics area, leading to the creation of a typology of local authorities. The final section summarises the key findings, reflects on the experience gained and identifies some possible future research directions.