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People List

People List

  • Kerry Turner

    Tel: +44 (0)1603 59 2551
    Location: UEA
    Profile: Professor Kerry Turner specialises in environmental economics, coastal zone and wetland management, conservation economics and waste management research. He has published widely (>300 publications) on these subjects including a number of best selling texts.
  • Andrew Lovett

    Professor of Geography
    Tel: +44 (0)1603 59 3126
    Location: UEA
    Profile: Professor Andrew Lovett is a human geographer. Since moving to UEA in 1990, he has been involved in a range of projects concerned with applications of GIS and statistical techniques. In recent years this has included a particular focus on issues of rural land-use change.
  • Rosalind Bark

    Lecturer in Ecological Economics
    Tel: 01603 591833
    Location: UEA
    Profile: Dr Rosalind Bark uses environmental economics and social science methods to understand better policy-relevant questions related primarily to water resources management and the integration of ecosystem services in decision-making.
  • David Rose

    Lecturer in Human Geography
    Tel: 01603 593088
    Location: UEA
    Profile: I am an Environmental Geographer interested in the interactions between science, technology, policy, and practice in the environmental sphere – particularly nature conservation, sustainable agriculture, and climate change. Two themes are currently being explored – (1) investigating the use of evidence to support environmental decision-making in legislatures, and (2) understanding the impacts of new technology on agricultural society.
  • Amii Harwood

    Lecturer in Geography and GIS
    Tel: +44 (0)1603 59 1353
    Location: UEA
    Profile: Dr Amii Harwood's interested include: exploring spatial and temporal variation in the biophysical factors underpinning the provision of ecosystem services and goods; defining land use for the purposes of ecosystem assessment; representation and communication of spatial data; quality and fitness in spatial data.
  • Silvia Ferrini

    Research Fellow
    Tel: +44 (0)1603 59 3314
    Location: UEA
    Profile: Dr Silvia Ferrini is an applied economics with a long track record of research experience. Her research interests are applied economics, non-market evaluation methods, discrete choice models and experimental design techniques.
  • Tomas Badura

    Senior Research Associate

    Location: UEA
    Profile: Tomas Badura is a PhD student interested in how economics can support the transitioning process towards sustainability. His research focuses on valuing preferences for ecosystem related goods and services and how this information can support policy and decision making across spatial, temporal and decision scales.
  • Matthew Agarwala

    Senior Research Associate
    Tel: +44 (0)1603 59 1530
    Location: UEA
    Profile: Matthew Agarwala is an environmental economist at the LSE, University of Exeter and the University of East Anglia. His interests include: natural capital; NatCap accounting; comprehensive wealth; sustainable development; trade and natural resources; food-water-energy nexus; linking natural and economic science research; environmental change and human wellbeing.
  • Corrado Di Maria

    Reader in Economics
    Tel: 01603 592866
    Location: UEA
    Profile: Corrado is a Reader in Economics with broad research interests that span the economics of growth and development, environmental and natural resource economics, energy economics and the economics of technological change. The key feature of his work is an emphasis on both theoretical and empirical aspects, as well as its policy relevance. Corrado’s most recent research covers several aspects of the interaction between environmental policy and natural resource use, the taxation of exhaustible resources, emissions trading schemes and their efficiency-promoting features, the role of skills in the process of economic growth, and environmental policy in the presence of directed technological change. Prior to joining the University of East Anglia, Corrado worked at the University of Birmingham, Queen's University Belfast, and the University College Dublin. He obtained his PhD degree from Tilburg University in the Netherlands, having previously studied in Rome, Milan and Vienna.
  • Tiziana Luisetti

    Honorary Lecturer

    Location: UEA/CEFAS
    Profile: Dr Tiziana Luisetti is an environmental and ecological economist specialised in coastal and marine ecosystem services valuation and management. Tiziana is an honorary lecturer at the UEA and CSERGE research fellow. Main characteristic of my applied research is an interdisciplinary approach that combines natural and social sciences and economics.
  • Tim O'Riordan

    Emeritus Professor

    Location: UEA
    Profile: Professor O’Riordan is Emeritus Professor of Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia. His work relates to designing future coastlines in East Anglia in England so that they are ready for sea level rise and the creation of sound economies and societies for a sustainable future.
  • Carlo Fezzi


    Location: UEA
    Profile: Dr Carlo Fezzi research interests are linked to the use of quantitative information and econometric models to answer policy-levant questions related to the natural environment.
  • Brendan Fisher


    Location: USA
    Profile: Brendan Fisher is a research scientist with the Conservation Science Program, WWF-US. His research interests lie in the nexus of biodiversity conservation, human livelihoods, natural resource economics and behavioral economics.
  • Gaetano Grilli

    Tel: +44 (0) 1502 521362
    Location: CEFAS
    Profile: Gaetano Grilli is an applied economist at Cefas interested in quantitative methods for environmental and social research. His research focuses on environmental valuation, applied microeconomics, well-being and quality-of-life.
  • Lysete Sandra Hernandez-Gamez

    PhD Researcher

    Location: UEA
    Profile: Lysete Sandra Hernandez-Gamez has research interests which span Conservation Biology; Earth System Science; Global Biophysical Limits; Climate Change and Conservation of Tropical Forest Ecosystems.
  • Gloria Soto Montes de Oca

    Research Fellow

    Location: Mexico
    Profile: Gloria Soto Montes de Oca is lecturer at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. Gloria has a background in environmental valuation and economics of water resources. She is involved in projects to evaluate different strategies for sustainable management of water resources in urban areas, benefit estimation of hydrological restoration and environmental impacts of trade liberalization.
  • Sian Morse-Jones


    Tel: +44(0)1603 59 3747
    Location: UEA
    Profile: Sian Morse Jones has research interests in the application of stated preference techniques to value public preferences for tropical biodiversity, in particular, amongst distant beneficiaries, and the economic valuation of environmental goods and services.
  • Maria Giovanna Palmieri


    Profile: Maria Giovanna (Gianna) is an environmental economist.
  • Marije Schaafsma


    Location: UEA
    Profile: Dr Marije Schaafsma is an environmental economist and is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Southampton. She is interested in decisions concerning ecosystem management and human development. She specialises in the application of economic methods to inform such decisions and trade-offs.
  • Emmanouil Tyllianakis

    Tel: 01502 524293
    Location: Cefas
    Profile: Emmanouil Tyllianakis is an environmental economist at Cefas working on coastal and marine valuation projects across the world. His research interests include environmental policy, applied microeconomics and environmental valuation.
  • Barnaby Andrews

    Senior Research Assistant
    Tel: 01603 591356
    Location: UEA
  • Jaime A. Erazo

    Research Fellow, GROW Colombia Project

    Location: Bogotá, Colombia
    Profile: I am an environmental economist, PhD candidate on Public Policy, with emphasis on sustainable development (Federal Universtiy of Rio de Janeiro). My interes topics are: paymen for ecosystem services, biodiversity conservation and sustainable use, incentives design to promote land management tools implementation, environmental policy formulation, sustainable agriculture, land use and ecosystem servcies modelling and sustainability indicators.
  • Keila Guillen Onate


    Location: UEA
    Profile: Keila Guillen is a PGR Student at the UEA's School of Economics. Keila's research relates to environmental and ecological economics applied in marine and coastal ecosystems. Before she joins the UEA, she worked as a researcher in the Marine and Coastal Research Institute of Colombia (INVEMAR).
  • Tatiana Cantillo

    MSc Student

    Location: University College London
    Profile: Tatiana Cantillo is a MSc candidate from University College London, she is majoring in Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment. She received a dual BS degree in electrical engineering and economics in 2017. Her research interests revolves around sustainability, energy and development.